Wardrobe Breakdown: Regina King On ‘Saturday Night Live’

First-time host Regina King’s monologue got interrupted by an overly-excited Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Their chemistry together was hilarious and he was her hype man, he had me hollering lol. On the show, Regina talked about how nervous she was since it was her first time but that was ok because she looked gorgeous! She is one of my favorite actresses and has a great personality! I have the details on what she wore inside and I hope you guys have a great week, more pics and video clip inside…

Regina wore a David Koa dress from the Spring 2021 RTW Collection, darling!

(Photos by: Will Heath/NBC)

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2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Regina King On ‘Saturday Night Live’

  1. How is making white jokes and insinuating all whites are racist, not racist in and of itself? How is this humorous? How is this ok? It was insulting, unintelligent and the type of behavior that contributes to perpetuating and elevating any existing tensions, especially in light of todays focus on social justice, equality and an elevated political climate.

  2. Great post! Regina was fabulous—talented, funny and stunning. Do you know who made her sequin disco dress worn by “Fliona?”

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