Wardrobe Breakdown: Ron Isley At Verzuz Battle


You already know it was coming lol! R&B crooner Ron Isley of The Isley Brothers stepped out a few days ago looking like “ZADDY” at the popular Verzuz battle with Earth, Wind & Fire! All the ladies from aunties, mothers, wives etc were going wild at his new look. At first Ron was pretty much unrecognizable because he was donning a full white beard! That’s grown man stuff right there and his beard actually connected lol! I hate when men can’t grow a full beard but they try anyway with the struggle look lol!

At 79-years-old Ron showed up to the battle wearing a fur coat, paisley print gold and black suit, fedora hat and black shades ready to get his groove on. I was hollering from my computer screen but he looked Goodt! I have the details on what he was wearing inside. Glad to see him step out in style, that’s how a real playa from Ohio do it!

Ron Isley was styled by Bernard Jacobs.┬áHat: Stetson Coat: Edwards Lowell Suit: Dolce Gabbana Shades: Porsche Shoes: Christian Louboutin….well done!


Images via Rob Ector/Instagram

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  1. Mr. Biggs came in playa style. I love the coat, shades, hat and suit and beard. he looks great.okay Zaddy. His sylist did good job.

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