Wardrobe Breakdown: Sandra Bullock On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Boy where has Actress Sandra Bullock been, I missed her! She recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking like a million bucks! She looked amazing wearing a timeless purple velvet suit! She was on the show to promote her latest project which was her new movie on Netflix, The Unforgivable. You have to be a certain type of person to pull off the color purple and she wears it well!

Sandra talked about the movie she gets asked about most, her 11-year-old being obsessed with Spider-Man and rumors that she was going to be in the new movie, waiting tables at the same spot as Jennifer Coolidge – Canastel’s restaurant in New York, her new Netflix movie The Unforgivable, working with hunky Bill Burr, and she tries “Turkey Dinner” flavored candy corn with Jimmy. See more pics and the video clip inside plus what designer she was wearing!

Sandra was wearing a Temperley London velvet suit and Alexandre Birman sandals, pretty!

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