Wardrobe Breakdown: Teyana Taylor On Instagram

It’s almost Summer and Teyana Taylor is showing off her body just in time for it! This girl body is insane and after giving birth to Junie Bee, that didn’t phase her one bit! I’m thinking back to when I had both of my kids, I was 29 then 31 and I pretty much snapped back right away each time and at my 6 week checkup, my Doctor even asked me, wow you look like you never had a kid, what did you do lol. I think I was even smaller then than now lol. Some people just have those genes, not sure but Teyana looks extremely fit! I loved her black bikini she wore the other day on instagram and have the deets on what she wore inside…

Teyana was wearing an affordable Fashion Nova Phi Phi Island two-piece bikini, do you love it?

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