In Case You Missed It: Salt N Pepa On The Real

On Wednesday, May 16 the hosts of The Real weigh in on the “Yanny vs Laurel” audio clip that’s dividing the internet; which name do you hear? Co-host Adrienne Houghton wonders if we can even trust our own eyes and ears anymore! The ladies also discuss whether celebrities are always obligated to take photos with their fans.

In addition, legendary hip hop performers Salt-N-Pepa drop by to share some exclusive news regarding their upcoming Vegas residency! Plus, Pepa addresses recent rumors about her allegedly dating a married man.

Later, actress Kate Walsh is here to talk about the highly anticipated season two of 13 Reasons Why. She also reveals the possibility of a Girl’s Trip sequel! Check out more pics and 2 video clips



Salt-N-Pepa’s Huge Announcement!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Okay, I understand that you guys have a major announcement to break on our show today, what is it?

Salt: Oh yes, we have a few, but one of them is…

Pepa: One of them is…

Salt: You want to start?

Pepa: We have a residency in Vegas!

Salt: In Vegas!

Adrienne Houghton: What?

Tamera: What?

Pepa: And it’s on the strip! Let’s be very clear about that.

Tamera: Wow.

Loni Love: Okay.

Pepa: It’s starting around — Labor Day weekend.

Salt: Yes, yes.

Tamera: Congratulations.

Adrienne: Amazing!

Salt: They’re honoring us at this year’s Billboard Awards as the first female rappers to go Hot 100, ever.

Pepa: Yes!

Adrienne: Well deserved.

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