Wardrobe Breakdown: Tyra Banks On America’s Got Talent

I don’t know who is the makeup artist/hairstylist for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT but they need to go back to beauty school because I hate how they keep playing Tyra Banks who hosts the show lol. On the “Live Show 3” Tyra wore a very pretty asymmetrical black lace gown embellished with red roses, I really loved the dress but her hair and makeup is so not cute! She is a supermodel and very well respected in the industry but how is this makeup artist and hairstylist allowed to get a pass for the last several weeks? Does she not look at the pictures when they are let out to the media? Last week the same thing. Lawd somebody! Check out more pictures inside… 

Tyra is wearing the same designer as last weeks look, Stello Official.

(Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC)

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