Wardrobe Breakdown: Viola Davis And Daughter Genesis On Instagram

Have you guys went out and copped the Adidas/Ivy Park collection created by Beyonce? I haven’t got around to shopping online for it but from the looks of lots of fashion influencers on my timeline, everyone seems to like it! I’ve never been one to wear really trendy clothing that everyone runs out to get but I really do love Beyonce’s latest collection.

Especially all the pink goodies, and recently award-winning actress Viola Davis and her cute daughter Genesis rocked the collection that was sent to them. So out of the norm to see Viola wear sporty clothes but she looks hot doesn’t she? More pictures inside and congrats to the singer on her clothing line!

Genesis wears the ski tag allover hat, cargo hoodie & cargo sweat pants with forum mid sneakers

Viola wears the monogram face cover, metallic puffer jacket, monogram crop top and tights

Viola Davis and daughter Genesis rocking Ivy Park From Beyonce’s Collection


Images via Instagram

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