What Features Should You Look For In Activewear?

Exercise, when done properly, can be a fulfilling experience. The health benefits and endorphins produced should be enough to convince anybody to start working out ASAP.

However, exercise can also be an overwhelming endeavor for certain types of people. Some may not know where to begin, and that goes for picking the right clothes, too. Believe it or not, the clothes you choose can make or break your workout. That awkward feeling of fabric rising up or sweat seeping through one’s shirt can cause serious embarrassment for anybody.

The good news is that women’s activewear has improved in recent years. Today’s exercise clothes are a far cry from the spandex of yesteryear. Thanks to research and development in the industry, modern activewear now comes with features that make exercise a much more pleasant experience. Indeed, these specialized clothes can do everything, from keeping you dry to helping you with post-workout recovery.

But with so many overwhelming options out on the market, it can be easy to get lost in the fray. So before you start buying leggings, here are some features you may want to look for when buying activewear:

Compression and Support

You want your clothes to aid rather than hinder you during your workout. Your clothes should be able to move the way you do, stretching as you go about your set. As such, support is a key consideration when it comes to selecting activewear.

Fortunately, many companies have begun selling products with this feature in mind, making them perfect for physically active people. These clothes often feature fabrics made of a blend of lycra, spandex, and bamboo to provide excellent support and elasticity. Activewear made with these fabrics will fit you perfectly, preventing said clothes from bunching up where they shouldn’t. In addition, these types of activewear let you perform more efficiently and help you avoid injuries, especially when doing stretches and dynamic movements.

If you’re looking for higher levels of support, try getting specialized activewear with compression technology. Compression clothes apply a specific amount of pressure to your muscles, allowing for better circulation. This feature helps in recovery, aids in nerve health, and promotes muscle growth. In fact, compression garments are used by world-class athletes to help them perform better and prevent injuries. So if your workouts tend to be on the strenuous side, you may want to consider purchasing compression garments.

Moisture-wicking & Anti-odor Technology

Most activewear available today is made from a blend of cotton and polyester that allows for breathability and stretchability. However, there are more specialized products out there that do more than just keep you dry.

In most cases, you can’t go wrong with clothes made out of moisture-wicking fabric, as they can help you stay cool and dry all day or night. Other types of activewear also offer anti-microbial and anti-odor technology, which means they can kill odor-causing bacteria and keep you fresh for longer. These features, combined with moisture-repellent properties, help keep you light and breezy during and after your workout.

Another feature offered by top-of-the-line activewear is temperature regulation. These types of activewear can keep you cooler for longer, allowing you to get through that last set more comfortably. This is especially important if you plan on working out in hotter, more humid climates. If you tried doing that while wearing a cotton t-shirt, you’d be sopping wet in no time. With the right activewear, though, the fabric should be able to wick away any unwanted moisture in no time.

Versatility and Style

When selecting activewear, versatility is an important yet often overlooked feature. Fortunately, activewear options nowadays sport a fresh, new look. The bright neon prints of yesteryear have been replaced with subdued, pastel colors, and tight-fitting fabrics have been replaced with ones that feel less restrictive. This new trend of fashionable activewear has even spawned an entirely new class of clothes called athleisure. With these, you can still look fashionable whether you’re exercising or hanging out with friends and family.

Athleisure pulls double duty, as they can function as both your workout and casual outfits. They combine the same performance features found in activewear with the stylish aesthetics of everyday clothes. With these on, you can easily walk into a gym to exercise, then step out to run errands or even meet with other people. Investing in athleisure also saves you time and effort, since it means bringing one less pair of clothes to the gym. If you’re the type of person who flits from one activity to another, then athleisure wear may be right for you.

These are just some of the features that make the activewear of today a great investment. And while all this information can be overwhelming, all you have to remember is to choose products that work for your specific needs. Consider your usual workouts as well as your daily schedule so that you can pick exercise clothes that suit your regular activities best. Most of all, choose activewear that makes you look and feel great. With the right workout outfit, you may just feel more motivated to reach your fitness goals.

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