Why Country Singer Jimmie Allen Won’t Sing The National Anthem

Today on SHERRI, country music singer Jimmie Allen revealed the reasons why he won’t be performing the national anthem anytime soon. See his quotes and clip….

Sherri: “I’m such a fan of yours. Would you ever sing the national anthem Jimmie?”

Jimmie Allen: “Here’s the thing. I’ve done it a few times. I even did it for a national Thanksgiving football game on TV. Would I ever do it for the Super Bowl?Absolutely not.”

Sherri: “What?! Tell me why!”

Jimmie Allen: “It would be an honor … I would learn sign language and sign it to a few family members that I have before I would sing it. I’m a country artist and I’m a black country artist. If I mess up the national anthem. I am done. I better get a new career. I’m telling you; I’ll be getting a gospel album …. because I am done.”

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