Why You Should Do A Master’s Degree 

For recent university graduates, there can be a lot of uncertainty around the direction you want to take. From choosing career paths to graduate education, there are a lot of options and decisions to be made. You may choose to take some time out to travel or do things you have been too busy to do during your studies, or you may wish to continue. Doing a master’s degree is a great option for recent graduates as it can improve your prospects for the future and allow you to gain further knowledge in your subject. A master’s is also a great option for those looking to change careers or progress further in their current field. Here’s a closer look at six great reasons why you should choose to do a master’s degree. 

Further Your Knowledge

One of the best reasons to do a master’s degree is to further your knowledge within your field of study. If you can’t get enough of learning and wish to add to the knowledge gained during your undergraduate degree, then a master’s is just the thing for you. With a master’s you will have a more independent learning approach and be able to pursue specific channels of knowledge within your subject. This approach will advance your learning greatly as it will be more self-guided and allow you to further your abilities at independent research. Not only does a master’s further your subject knowledge, but it can also help develop a number of professional skills that are highly valued by employers such as critical thinking, time-management, and independent working. 

Pursue Your Passion

By the time you have completed an undergraduate degree you will have discovered what it is you are truly passionate about. Whether you found your passion during your bachelor’s or realised you want to take a slightly different angle, a master’s degree is a great way to pursue your passion. Learning and carrying out research as a graduate gives you a much higher level of freedom to choose which avenues you want to pursue. It’s a great opportunity to really take your passion to the next level and pick and choose which projects you undertake. 

Meet Likeminded Individuals

Doing a master’s can be a great way to meet likeminded people. As fewer individuals undertake master’s degrees and entry requirements dictate a certain grade at undergraduate level, the people you will meet during a master’s will share your passions and have the same level of interest and knowledge in the subject as you. Not only is this a great opportunity to make new friends, but you will also be making connections that stay with you throughout your life and career. Furthermore, a master’s will allow you to meet and network with academics and those who are already successful in your field, which can be fantastic when it comes to taking the first steps in a career. Who you know can be highly important. These people can also use their experience to help guide you and advise you on the best channels to take to reach your goals. 

Enhance Your Career Prospects 

A master’s degree has been shown to really improve your future career prospects. Postgraduates are more likely to be in professional and managerial positions than graduates and are more likely to have a high-skilled job. What’s more, individuals with a postgraduate qualification tend to experience higher levels of job satisfaction, feeling that their work is meaningful and fulfilling. The statistics show that those who hold a master’s are 20% more likely to be in a professional role. Postgraduate study can really give you an edge in the career market and make you much more attractive to potential employers. A master’s degree shows that you have a higher skill level than many other applicants.

Fit Education Around Your Lifestyle

The beauty of postgraduate study is that you can really tailor it to fit around your lifestyle and commitments. Whether you wish to continue working while you study or have family responsibilities, master’s degrees can work around you. You can do an online master’s in education with a reputable university like Exeter, for example. The benefits of this are numerous. You can choose to study part-time or full-time and do the majority of your work at home. You will also have a greater choice of places to study as a master’s degree does not necessarily require you to relocate. This means you will be able to find the perfect master’s degree for you anywhere in the country. Cost doesn’t need to be a factor either as you can get post-graduate loans that are non-means tested in order to cover your tuition and living costs. 

Earn More Money

While pursuing a postgraduate qualification should always be done out of passion for a subject and a desire to learn, money is always going to be a factor. Individuals with a master’s degree really do earn more on average than those without a degree and even graduates.  If you’re looking for the next step but want to ensure that you will have higher earnings and better starting prospects, a master’s is a strong option. Because employers will recognise that you possess a higher skill level and professional skills, you are likely to be met with a higher starting salary and be in a better position to negotiate salary. If you’re thinking of a master’s to further a career you are already in, you will be much more likely to get that promotion as well as having higher job security. 

Overall, a master’s degree can be hugely beneficial in many circumstances. First and foremost, it’s a great way to develop your knowledge and explore your passion. You will acquire a great deal of useful skills that will be looked upon favourably by employers. Moreover, a master’s can enhance your prospects for career progression and higher pay. Networking during a master’s is also a fantastic way to meet the people who will be going into your field which can be hugely beneficial in your professional life. If you want to better your prospects, learn new skills, and improve your knowledge of your passion, a master’s degree is the perfect option. 

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