Zaina Zahra’s Galabeya Party

I had such a lovely time at my friend Zaina’s Galabeya party on Sunday afternoon. She only invited a few VIP guests to come out to celebrate her birthday. I have been knowing Zaina for years and you might remember that I took her bellydance class a few years ago and she was at my Girls Night In one time. She is quite the popular bellydancer here in Atlanta and has been featured in many media outlets, music videos and I can go on.

I was too tickled when I got the invite to come party with her at the all-new Imperial Fez located in Berkeley Lake, Ga. This venue is an award-winning unique dining experience. Zaina has been a performer at this restaurant for over 10 years! Once I arrived, the atmosphere was amazing with well-dressed party goers! We munched on authentic Moroccan cuisine from North Africa, got henna done and danced and fellowshipped all afternoon. Check out some pretty pictures I snapped inside and Happiest of Birthdays to my dear friend and Princess Zaina, you looked amazing!

The Birthday Princess Zaina

Loved her henna done by Salwas

First time ever getting henna done, can you believe it?

Me, Zaina, Brencia

Some of the guests looking fabulous

More henna designs, pretty!

Authentic Moroccan cuisine, so savory!

Check Zaina out featured in this music video with Kelvin Boj

Imperial Fez

4790 Peachtree Industrial Blvd

Berkeley Lake, Ga 30071


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