A Seersucker Social in Atlanta

I almost had a hissy fit when I saw these pictures on facebook this morning. It was pics from a Seersucker Social. People were dressed in their fanciest seersucker and pedaled around Atlanta, then finished with picnic at Oakland Cemetery. Funny thing, I was invited out to this but I get soo many flyers and invites in my inbox, it’s hard to shuffle through them all lol. I sure hate that I missed this event because this was surely something I would have loved to attend!

Kyle Torok

I loove Chantelle’s basket…gasp!

Nice outfits! Love the hat!

Ready… set… go!

I have a pink bike and would have loved to wear a pinktastic seersucker outfit on such a warm beautiful afternoon with friends. How fun does these pictures look! I’m going to pay closer attention to my inbox from now on because I am so mad that I missed this day of fun and relaxation. Kyle was so nice to let me use a few images to give you guys an idea on how it was. Isn’t this just lovely and oh so me! Oh my gosh how fun and I see they stopped by the King of Pops. I also see my friend and councilman, Kwanza Hall was biking along too, how cool! From my understanding they will be doing it again for a Fall ride and early winter one. I’m going to make one of those. Enjoy the pics!

Councilman Kwanza Hall and friend Fiona

Fab Picnic Basket!

Pit stop to King of Pops…yum!

Time to eat!

That looks tasty!

Luv this shot! xoxo

Pics by Kyle Torok

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