The Best Kept Secrets On How To Look And Feel Your Best

When we look our best, we feel our best. And when we feel our best (you guessed it) we look our best too! In this modern age of always-on online interactivity, we have to be ready to serve at a moment’s notice. We have to say no to doubt, and yes to all of those special little things that turn us into the stars that we were born to be! 

Does this sound familiar to you? Your bestie has just hit you up. They NEED to go out and they need YOU to come with them. You tear through your closet going over outfit after outfit. Nothing. Your stomach hurts, your clothes look busted and there isn’t a single piece of jewelry you want to wear. It’s ok, take a deep breath. Everyone goes through this eventually, but now is the time to admit it. You need to update your wardrobe! Something that’ll have you oozing that cute and clever confidence that you’re known for.

This kind of confidence doesn’t come just from one little piece of the puzzle though. We have to carry the whole package! From our accessories to our outfits. From what we put on our bodies, to what we put in. If one little piece is missing, it can throw off the whole look. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with not only the latest trends in fashion but in health as well. Our bodies are beautiful machines and how we look on the outside is just one side of the story. Staying on top of your health is equally as important. Vitamins and natural supplements are what help keep our hair and skin looking clear and healthy. Giving us the perfect canvas to build our hottest looks. 

It can feel like a full-time job just keeping up with everything! Luckily, we’ve built this style guide to give our kings and queens some insight on how to shine in the spotlight! 

Looking Luxurious 

Anyone who’s keeping up with fashion knows that accessories make or break an outfit. In 2021, the name of the game is chains! Whether they go around your neck or your wrist if you want to look nice, you’ve got to cop some ice! 6 Ice is making noise in the fashion industry, due to its wide selection of stunning pieces that work with almost any outfit. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are unparalleled, with necklaces made from real 18k gold. You can even customize your order with lockets and nameplates that show the world you are one of one! Whether you’re looking for something simple, or something spectacular. You can’t go wrong with a new piece that is the icing on top of your hottest looks.

Go with Your Gut 

The role of your health in how you look is sometimes understated. However, we can not stress enough how integral feeling great is to looking great. One secret to great health is gut health! Keeping your digestive tract running cleanly and efficiently is one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The importance of gastrointestinal health can not be overstated. Studies have linked good gut health to having a positive impact on peoples’ sleep habits, moods, appetite, and a whole host of other benefits. One way to ensure your gut health is to start drinking beverages that include a probiotic formula. An example of this, that tastes as great as it’ll make you feel is, Tepache. An incredible pineapple-based beverage, rich in probiotics and vitamin c. This fantastic formula, comes from a rich history, dating as far back as just before the 1400s! This drink is truly an all-rounder as not only is it good for you, it’s great for mixing as well! Many people even recommend adding a splash of tequila, for a little zing, on the weekends! If you need to keep your gut in shape, you may as well have fun doing it!

Building a Solid Foundation

Let’s be honest. Not every day is our best day. We’re beautiful transforming creatures, and we can look and feel different every day. The only problem is? Our skin follows that trend too. Now, this leads us to a few new questions. Namely, what should I use? And, what’s right for me? When it comes to our skin it’s as unique as we are, but our crack style team generally agrees that a great place to start is the foundation and concealer from Hide. They are masters of their craft with makeup that’s both lightweight and long-lasting! And the best part is, that this killer combo works with almost any kind of skin. Allowing you to paint and create any look that you can dream of! 

Adjusting Your Joints 

The one thing you want to do on the dance floor is keep it loose. That can be a tall order when your joints are starting to jam up on you. And when there’s a kink in your neck there’s a kink in your step. Using a natural pain management solution, like this hemp for arthritis. Keeping a step ahead of any pain is a key ingredient to a great night out. You don’t want to fall in love on the dance floor only to have to leave because of a bad hip, do you? Another major step you can take in pain management is to get more restful sleep. Engaging with sleep aids like light meditation, or listening to a noise machine, has been shown to help adults have more restful sleep longer. This means when it’s time to party, you can stay out all night!

Adding Fuel to the Fire 

Sorry ladies, but this entry is strictly for the men! Men, do you ever find yourself missing that little pep in your step? That extra edge feeling a little duller than usual. Well, let me introduce you to Nugenix. This is a popular testosterone supplement that can give your body an extra bit of torque. People who suffer from low-t have been shown to have higher levels of fatigue, extra body fat, and lower mood overall. And that’s not what you want when you’re trying to look and feel like your best self! 

Making Time for Your Mental Health

Something often overlooked is our mental health. Trying to look good and keeping up with every trend can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s always good to make sure to check in with yourself and in some cases, start seeing a professional. Online plans are a great way to get emotional support online, and can make a profound difference in your life. If you’re feeling alone or like you have no support, we urge you to know that you are not alone and that there are many many resources to find help. 

New Look, Needs a New Do’

When we are reinventing our looks we’re reinventing ourselves. We’re taking back the narrative, and we’re dictating the conversation! So, what better time to reinvent our hair as well? Lately, our style CEO has been loving looks that use natural hairstyles. This guide shows you all the best ways to let your hair down, and let your beautiful wild hair shine in all its glory! 

Beat Those Brows 

Who else needs a little help with their brows? As someone who’s constantly filling in and shaping trying to get the perfect angle. I can tell you. Working with those wispy brows can be tough. If you’re having this same trouble try this eyebrow microblading pen. It fills in the gaps in your brows giving you a fuller brighter look. A perfect frame for those eyes, that will have people begging to get lost in them.

Going On a Style Spree 

What’s the quickest way to a new look? New clothes! Shop for the newest collections, like this one from Lillie Ruben. This collection is centered on funky retro looks that’ll have you looking like a lady of the ’80s! Return to the elegance and opulence of a time gone by, but keep all of the fun stuff, like tinder! These looks will have anyone you choose, eating out of the palm of your hand!

Looking and feeling our best is a tall order for anyone. For some, it can be hard to even know where to start! We hope this guide helped illuminate some of the mysteries of style. As we all deserve to live love, and yes even look our best!


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