A drinking & driving tale

What a waste of a Pinktabulous car!

Last night something surreal happened to me. First off,I always tell people that I dont drink. They look at me very surprised too lol. You know why I dont drink? It’s because when I was in college, I was always the one driving everybody home from being wasted lol. I never had a chance to drink or get drunk because I felt somebody out of the crew had to be responsible enough to make sure everyone got home safe lol. So when all my crew went out, they knew that Tami would have their back and they could party hardy and drink lol. I have tasted liquor before,Im not going to lie. I am just not a big fan of alcohol like that lol. I do love me some Pink Nuvo though but that’s a different blog post lol.

So from my college days till now, I have always been the designated driver lol. Well, last night I went to a party with some friends when I noticed another friend of mine had, had well…a few too many. I had just befriended this person but felt weird about letting him drive home in his condition. I’m a mom, so my mommy intuition jumped in fast and I escorted him to the bar to get some water. He declined drinking some cold water then I said, well lets sit down. I don’t know how to take care of people that drink, so I was thinking of my days as a nurse lol. He was stumbling along and slurring his words and I knew this dude couldn’t make it home. I then told my other friend that I wanted to drive him home. I asked her if she would follow me. Ofcourse she was a trooper and said, yes.

She looked at me like, awh Tami, that is so nice of you. In todays world most people would have left this person to fend for his self. Thinking,” oh well it’s not me!” What if I would have woke up this morning and God forbid saw an accident on the news that involved my friend? I would have felt like crap knowing I could have did something to prevent that! Every body is so self indulgent these days and  soo into Me,Me, Me now, No one cares about anybody else anymore, sad! I’m not like that, and I love people!  So I drove him home and he talked to me the whole way saying, “no you didn’t have to drive me, I would have been fine!” Well,Pink Suga wouldn’t allow that lol.

We got him to his house and I made sure he got in safely. I also doubled back to make sure he didn’t hop back into his car too lol. Dont judge me lol! Well my friend, I hope you’re feeling better today and remember that there is still nice people out here in the world that care about your well being. Have a pinktastic day my friends!

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