Pink Pastry Parlor


My girlfriend Tisha Deshields kept telling me about this cute place located down the street from her. She said, “Tami, you have to come check it out,its all pinky!” Well, yesterday afternoon I got a chance to go see this Pink Pastry Parlor that she was talking about. When we walked in I got the biggest grin on my face! It was decked out head to toe with pinkness

I love going to all these cool places and so many of my readers email me about pink places to go to! I was truly in pink heaven! When you first enter the business there is a bakery that sells all sorts of sweets, like trouffles,cupcakes,cakes and soo much more. The lady behind the counter then said,Oh there is more! We went around the corner and there was this huge space that girls of all ages can have any type of party! If you want a spa party,tea party,cooking party,this is the place to go.

All the rooms were themed decorated and it was soo Pinktastic! I was unable to meet the owner of the business but I can tell she is going to be my new bestie lol. Please check out the pics and if your in the Norcross,Ga area please stop in for some pinkalicious treats or plan a party!

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