A Guide To Co-Ords And Matching Sets

If you do not already know what a co-ord is – it is a two-piece set of matching top and bottoms which applies to a skirt and crop tops, blazers and trousers, joggers and jumpers, and many more different kinds of matching outfits. 

Co-ords or co-ordinate sets like these womens co ords from missguided are a great solution for anyone who struggles to decide what to wear or finds putting outfits together a stressful experience. Whatever style and fit you like, there is a co-ord that will suit you. Not only do co-ords provide you with a stylish new outfit, but the two pieces means that you can mix and match with other sets or clothing items making one set stretch to multiple new looks. 

If you have not already hopped on the bandwagon, here is a guide to all the different kinds of co-ords available and what occasions you can wear them.

Office chic

Starting with a co-ord that you are probably the most familiar with – a blazer and matching tailored trousers. While you may traditionally think of a matching suit as being an outfit for the office, this style has become an increasingly popular option for a variety of occasions. The different patterns and colours available mean you can have a little bit more fun with this look than just the boring, plain pantsuits that they originated from. Although they do look great when worn with a shirt in the office, many girls use them as a way to show off a cute bralette whilst still maintaining an overall sophisticated look.

Summer casual

Another kind of co-ord that has been extremely popular is the combination crop top and skirt. These sets can be massively varied with both mini and midi skirts, long-sleeved, short-sleeved or bandeau style tops. The most popular design is a floral or brightly coloured pattern, but they come in simpler designs as well as block colours. A co-ord like this is perfect for the summer and it is great for mixing and matching as you can easily just wear one of the items or possibly combine two different co-ords if they go together. 

Depending on the type of set and how you accessorise it, it can be a casual daytime outfit, or you can also style it for evening dinner and drinks. An especially summery co-ord makes for a perfect beach cover-up because you can wear the pieces together or individually as an alternative to the standard kaftan.

Lounge suits

Following the pandemic, the fashion world saw a huge surge in various loungewear items, and this included a massive increase in the number of lounge suits that were available. People were spending more and more time at home, working from home and unable to go out and socialise meaning they were looking for more options on what they can wear – many of us got so sick of just wearing scruffy clothes and looking like a mess that we invested in some stylish loungewear to help us feel human again! A matching lounge set can be joggers and a jumper or comfy shorts and a top to wear around the house.

When it comes to co ords – the possibilities are endless!


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