ALL NEW: THE REAL FROM HOME! The Ladies Are Back And Jeannie Gives ALL The Deets On Her Engagement!

On Monday, April 13, The Real From Home returns with each co-host bringing Girl Chat from her home, discussing how they are all handling the current pandemic.

And there is big news!  For the first time, co-host Jeannie Mai shares the details of her recent engagement to rapper Jeezy, from the romantic proposal, through their marriage plans, and the fact they met for the first time on The Real!

Then co-host Amanda Seales expresses gratitude that she is sheltering at her mother’s house in Orlando, but wishes she could be more of resource for people during this time.

And the ladies discuss the issue of churches continuing to stay open for services despite the danger of the pandemic, and co-hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adrienne Houghton urge common sense.

Then The Real reaches out to a mom in Houston, TX whose family has been affected financially by the pandemic and lends her a helping hand. The show will be reaching out to people in similar situations as the pandemic continues.

Jeannie Describes The Romantic Way Jeezy Proposed To Her!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: It’s nice to hear some warm, good news during this pandemic… so Jeannie – what had happened?

[Jeannie Mai and Amanda Seales burst out laughing]

Jeannie: Whatever! As we’re talking, I just want you to know [PULL OUT NAIL GLUE], I flipped this three-week nail, and I’m not about to show – I’m trying to keep it together for this ring, so I’m going to glue my nail while I tell you this story. Yes, I – I’m officially engaged! It’s crazy!

Tamera: What?

Amanda: Right!

Jeannie: And I have to tell you – it was so hard, just, saving these details, because, you know, we’re really real with our Real Fam, and I was like, “Oh, I gotta tell these girls, I want – I want them to know everything,” but I couldn’t wait for this moment to be able to share it with the Real Fam. So – it was very surreal because, obviously, for this to happen during the quarantine, that’s number one on my mind. And at this very moment, Jay and I were actually supposed to be in Vietnam. So when the pandemic hit, I was really – I was really bummed. And I know that sounds really selfish for a second, but I just was so looking forward to sharing my culture with him, and our families were gonna go – Jay’s dad was gonna come with us, Mama Mai was gonna show us where she lived – it was a whole thing.

Jeannie: Because we couldn’t be in Vietnam, he brought Vietnam to us.

Adrienne: Oh wow.

Tamera: That’s so thoughtful!

Jeannie: He recreated the whole place, I’m not even kidding you. There was lanterns from actually Hoi An, where these lanterns were made, decorated in the room. There was all my favorite dishes from South Vietnam to North Vietnam – which I have no idea how he got during a quarantine!

Tamera: Yeah!

Jeannie: Mama Mai didn’t help him with it! That’s the crazy part! And then he directed my attention to this – actually this tv screen right here behind us.

Tamera: Yeah…

Jeannie: And proceeded to take me on a tour, you guys, through Vietnam. He had all these iconic scenes of Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang… and in the pictures, you guys? He superimposed all of these epic memories we’ve had from the past year and a half and put us in the shots of the pictures. You guys have to see the details of this, like I –

Tamera: We can – I can hear it!

Jeannie: I could post it on Instagram, tag the place and you would think I was there!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television

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