Artist Paul Wolski!


TalkingWithTami:  Paul how long have you been drawing?
From the time I was able to hold a pencil. My parents recognized early on that something was there. It’s all I ever wanted to do. When other kids were playing outside, I was content staying in and drawing through reams of paper.

: Where do you get inspiration for your artwork?

You name it, I find it: from people watching at the airport to outrageous characters on TV. I draw a great deal from fashion and pop culture iconography. Sometimes inspiration will come from something I hear rather than see, in which case the Alter Ego caption influences the image.

TalkingWithTami:  What was your first character you created?


My first Alter Ego was actually a Christmas card I created for my friends. Titled TREE GIRL, a woman is dressed in a coat that resembles a lit up tree, topped with a conical hat and star. The caption reads “Be the star you are.”

TalkingWithTami:  I saw your artwork on TBS “Movie and a Makeover”! How did that come about?

One of the designers on the show, Brian Patrick Flynn, is a fan of my work and at the time was my neighbor. He mentioned that he was working on a bedroom makeover for a tween girl and thought my Pop Art would be the perfect complement to the design vibe he was creating. The piece became a main focal point in the room, I was extremely pleased with the outcome — and thankfully, so was the girl!

: What’s a fave place you like to kick back and relax in Atlanta?


Whenever I can pry myself away from work, I tend to keep things simple. Dining out is one of my favorite pastimes, so I love the easy vibe at Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown or Noni’s Bar & Deli on Edgewood Ave.

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