Hey guys, I know you want to hear all about the exciting birth of my first grandson Baby Legend! I will admit, it was a VERY long and grueling experience but here to say, he has arrived and is a healthy bouncing baby boy! He came into the world early on March 3rd at 7:41am. We are all extremely exhausted but it was so well worth it. It was a long labor for my daughter and that’s pretty normal because it was her first child. She checked into Emory Johns Creek on Friday at 6:30 pm and after that it was a waiting game. It’s all God’s planning and he has the last word. Her Doctor, Dr. Frederick was so amazing and took very good care of her, we all really liked him a lot and highly recommended. He assured all of us that it would be a great delivery and to trust him. 

Dootie and her fiancé Jordon checked into their hospital room and that’s when family started to arrive. I knew that it would be a long process. I popped in and out because I literally live 20 minutes away from the hospital. I treated the whole thing like I was on standby lol. Some of my followers said that by me updating online via social, it was like they were apart of my families experience as well. Everyone was praying for a healthy delivery. We really appreciated the love and support.

On Sunday morning, Tyra texted me that she was 9 cm and to hurry, I flew out the house to be by her side.Once I arrived, Dr. Frederick made an announcement that we were going to get a baby and that we did. I was very shocked at how well Dootie did during childbirth, she was very strong and determined to have a vaginal birth but going natural was out of the plan lol. I remember trying to go natural too but unfortunately I had to have c-sections. Dootie pushed 10 times and Baby Legend was out, it happened that fast!


Dr. Frederick

Legend came out and cried just a bit then became very quiet throughout the entire day. He just looked around at everyone that entered the room, he’s very alert for a newborn. It was actually about 4 births that day and you could hear all of the babies crying but not Legend, he was cool and calm. I think he looks like Dootie but some say he looks like dad, I don’t know because babies change so much but I do know he is the cutest little baby I’ve ever seen. He also has a head full of silky black hair.

I’m glad that Dootie and Baby Legend are doing well. It’s such a blessing to have a healthy child. He has truly touched my heart, I must say. Nothing like the feeling of being a grandmother for the first time, I really like it. People have been asking me what I will have him call me, I have no clue yet. I will wait to see, not sure. Thanks for ALL your well wishes etc it’s truly appreciated. I stopped by today and mom and baby are resting and I plan on sharing our little journeys with you soon, till next time. xoxo

Sidenote: I have a link at the very top of this blog under categories, dedicated to my grandbaby titled, “GlamMa” so you can see all the latest updates there!

My son Pootie stayed in the delivery room with his big sister the whole time. I was so proud of him! He came in from school to see the childbirth of his nephew, such a great uncle!

Their little happy family, awh so cute.



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