Blogging Tips: 5 Ways To Stay ‘On Top’ Of Your Blogging Game

Blogging Tips

Hello lovelies it’s June already can you believe it? We are halfway through the year already, wow! Every month I will try my best to give you little tidbits on blogging and other inspiring stories about what I have experienced since I’ve been at it for so long. I have been noticing that a lot of bloggers are falling by the wayside. It used to be some really good ones out there too. Lately, some of my favorite top bloggers have chosen different career paths because let’s face it, the internet is over saturated with blogs now, its a lot of competition and if you are not unique, don’t update your blog site weekly, don’t have interesting content, cool images, etc, you are not going to last. It has even been hard for me but I am still passionate about it. I really love it and my faithful readers still stop by and check up on me. I love you for that!

I was on the phone with my friend the other day and she said an acquaintance of hers was going to quit her job and become a full-time fashion blogger. My friend stated to her that it was NOT as easy as she presumed it to be lol. Nowadays, it’s really hard to get people to log on to your website, click on your links and be engaged. In this new millennial, everyone wants their information right in their face and too lazy to click on links and blogs. Mainly everyone is on Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram now. It’s quick little images and videos that people want to see now and all they do is scroll. No one wants to do much reading. If I was that girl, I would keep my full-time job and blog part-time until she gains enough traffic, endorsements and sponsorships.

That made me think about more blogging tips and a few things that you can do to stay “on top of your blogging game”. I hope you find it pretty helpful, check it out inside…

Are you engaging online? What that means is, are you commenting back and engaging with your audience? I’m always trying different things with my followers and readers. If someone asks me a question(sometimes they can be annoying), I try my best to respond. I know so many bloggers that down right refuse to answer their followers questions. They just posts their sponsored material and keep it moving. I find that very rude. Your readers and followers will get turned off and find you very impersonal and eventually move on. I recently had a follower admire a dress I was wearing and I told her I would give it to her. She was so happy! I try to do random things like that and brands love to see that as well.

Are you keeping up with the latest technology? I know it seems like every week something new is coming out but if you are going to be a great blogger, you are going to have to bite the bullet and suck it up! I’m not a huge fan of editing video but I  had to make myself learn because that is what people like to see. You have to learn how to research, track and see what your readers and followers like. Take classes, workshops, webinars, attend conferences and more to learn what’s new and trending, so you can keep up on what’s going on in the world.

Bartering services: If you are not good in let’s say web design or videography, find someone who may need something you have and you guys can barter with each other. People do it all the time and it keeps things fresh. I’m not that great in videography but my friend hates to update her social media pages, so I have helped her in that area and she has helped me. You save money that way too!

Getting comfortable: Are you afraid or dislike meeting different people? Do you frown down on traveling with strangers? These things are what you most likely will be doing if you are invited out on blogger trips, or events. You have to get used to being around different races, cultures and things. By me going off to college, it opened my eyes and changed my thought process. I saw the world in a totally different light. Travel, network and get to know other people, you just don’t know what that could lead to!

Squad Goals: Do you have a fabulous team of people behind you? That will make or break your blog. You can not do it alone! I thought I could be the accountant, photographer, graphic designer, marketing person, publicist etc! I got burnt out within months. Learn to build a great team around you! If your funds are low, find students/interns that are eager and just as passionate about what you are doing. Both of you can learn and grown together. You may need to train them on what you want and like but its worth it. Build your team to be great and that will reflect back on you. I still mainly have the same team from when I first started my blog!

9 yrs/Sara Noto Web Designer, flyers, graphics, tech stuff, media kit

9 yrs/Yvette Caslin/Manager

8yrs/Sly Kingsman/Videographer

7 yrs/Paras Griffin/Red Carpet Photographer

5 yrs/Gail Johnson/Event Planner

4 yrs/Genae Banks/Personal Photographer

Less than a yr/Jonathan Hamilton/Fashion Stylist, Makeup & Hair


Happy Blogging I hope you found this helpful!


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I so agree that people today seem to dislike actually reading anything. Scary for a bookworm and writer, but I guess it’s a sign of the times. Blessings:)

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