Blogging Tips: I Want To Be A Brand Ambassador…Here’s How!

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Hello guys, its a new month and that means it’s time for another Blogging Tip! Lots of people stop me and ask how I got the opportunity to work with so many brands. I will say this guys, it was no easy task and it definitely entails a lot of work. If you have the patience, time and dedication, you too can be a brand ambassador for some of your favorite brands. Some of the brands that I work with I personally just reached out to, or they found me, it was that simple. Now, it has turned into YEARS with working with some of these brands and now we have formed a fabulous relationship. I’m truly blessed to have people out there support me and my blog! I reached out to a few of them and asked them to share what they’re looking for when working with bloggers, brand ambassadors and influencers. Read what they had to say inside…

Note: When working with a brand, most times there is a contract involved, monetary agreement or product in exchange for working with a brand. All that is negotiable and should be taken care of up front. Everyone and everything is different, so you can not compare one person to the next. I tell people that all the time. Race, body type, height, hair texture, skin tone, appearance, personality, image all that plays a factor too, yep! Your numbers, engagement and reach may be totally different from others. Your relationship with a brand may differ as well. So you have to negotiate and go by your own terms etc. and again, everyones situation is totally different than the next.

Here’s what some of my favorite brands had to say…

Image quality, style and consistency when posting is what we look for first. Social following and engagement would be something we would consider also. ~Sinead/Fashion To Figure

Show the products, brand and happy to speak of it. Know the brand all all that’s to it. Like culture, the storyline, the names of the products and materials. At the end of the day, sale, sale, sale because the more the brand sells, more business for you as an ambassador. Suggest new ideas and what the market is saying about the brand relate the message to the brand for future lines. ~Joy/Nuciano Handbags

We look for several things:

Appearance (ability to take pictures in a well lighted area, clear pictures, and their appearances in the pictures).

Followers and interaction(comments, how many male vs. female followers and what are the comments about).

Are they an influencer?

How often do they post and their posts consistent with their brand.

Number of likes compared to number of followers with a mixture of comments, just to make sure that they haven’t bought their followers. ~Ijeoma/Eye For Design Hair

PZI looks for a sophisticated stylish woman who loves and embraces her curves and not afraid to be and feel sexy. ~Katrina/PZI Jeans

Must have a solid, well-established online presence with a 50K or more following on a single social media account.

Must be credible, trustworthy and have a unique styling vision

Must follow proper social media tagging procedures set forth by Chic And Curvy

Must take a good quality full photo in the garment alone with an appropriate (preferably aesthetic) background. ~Melissa/Chic & Curvy Boutique



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  1. Great post, Tami! Definitely answered some of my questions I’ve had in my head for a while now about working with brands.

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