Bouqcakes, Where Flour Meets Flower Grand Opening

I am still exhausted after visiting my girlfriend’s new business venture last weekend, LAWD! I have been knowing Tiffany Young for YEARS and I remember when I first met her, it was like we just clicked right away! Lots of my friends were like you gotta meet her, she acts just like you and she LOVES pink as well! She owned Pink Pastries back in the day and it was right up the road from me. So I stopped by and did a story on her and we have been friends ever since! She recently opened another business called, Bouqcakes

As a child, she spent Summers with her grandma and she taught her how to bake. They would make things like buttercream icing and a variety of poundcakes, then they would also plant flowers. Her grannies motto was: “Hands in the kitchen, knees in the garden“. She found it kinda boring back then but now she has utilized those particular skills to flourish into such a wonderful baking business! She now owns several businesses, The Pink Hotel where she has slumber parties for kids, ManCave where little boys can have fun parties and now a bakery called, Bouqcakes.

Inside, you can have baking, craft or glamour parties. I do know that Tiffany has always been creative and it’s so much fun to watch her live out her passion! I’m sure you have seen Tiffany in the past on OWN network where she had her own reality show with all the celebrity kid parties, she is a hoot to watch and full of energy and she LOVES the kids! I was fortunate enough to try the strawberry pound cake and brownies with vanilla ice cream and almost fell out! Everything was so good! You can stop in for a slice of cake or sit back and let your kids bake their bundts off! Check out a few snaps and if you do decide to stop by, tell her I sent yah! xoxo

Proprietor Tiffany Young

Craft station where you can make customized aprons, like this one Tiffany is wearing below…


1825 Rockbridge Rd SW Ste 15C

Stone Mountain, Ga 30087


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