Five Things I Loved About The BMW X2

It was a late birthday gift from my friends over at Prestige but they wanted to put me into an all-new vehicle that was fresh off the delivery truck. It was my very first time ever driving a BMW and I fell in love! What a great surprise. The small sporty SUV is called an X2 and it’s an all wheel-drive! When they pulled up all I could do was jump for joy because I loved the silhouette and design of it and the color in “Galvanic Gold Metallic” was bomb!

This car came fully loaded with wireless charging and wifi hotspot. It also has a rearview camera, twin power turbo, matte chrome, panoramic moonroof and so much more! When I tell you that I had a fabulous time driving all over the city in this beamer, you can only imagine lol. I have a list of five things that I absolutely loved about this fun ride, so step inside! This particular vehicle starts at $38,400.

Five Things That I Loved About the BMW X2:

It handled well on the road. I’m kinda short, so the size of the vehicle fit me perfectly and I could handle turns, backing up, parking etc.

Great response time, pick up! When it was time to move, it got up to speed with no issues.

The looks I got! The color alone made people come up to me and ask lots of questions since it’s the first of a kind for BMW to come out with this particular color and style, I loved it!

The interior was very sexy! From the white premium leather seats to the interior neon light. If you were headed out for date night, the light throughout the interior was very sexy in red, as you cruised down the road. That was a great feature to me. It set the mood for sure.

It was just a fun ride to drive! I could see someone buying this car for their college bound student or if you just wanted a new vehicle for yourself, very girl friendly because of the size of it and the look.


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