Building Your Brand: Your Very Own Glam Squad

cynthia bailey

I was at CBS Studios yesterday and I arrived with my face done already from neighbor/makeup artist Alex and my daughter tagged along with me to touch up my hair. Lots of the news anchors that were there came inside the greenroom to do their own hair & makeup when I asked them why they didn’t have someone to do that for them. They said they didn’t have the budget and I learned they also buy their own clothes. I’m always in shock when I hear this sort of news because these pretty news anchors have to do so much to prepare to be on tv and then they also have to worry about their hair & makeup and what they are going to wear too. That has to be nerve wracking because people can be so brutal with social media now if they don’t look right geesh!

That’s when I then watched Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and saw how flawless Cynthia Bailey and Christian Milian looked on the show! Both looked drop-dead gorgeous and outfits was on point but I knew that both had awesome glam squads behind them. If you are gifted like my daughter Dootie who can do her own makeup & hair God bless you because I am not talented in that area lol. I can curl my hair and apply makeup decently but not like the pros can do it. I think I get by for just regular things around town but for huge red carpets and tv appearances, I have to go somewhere and get dolled up professionally.

As your brand grows and if you are in the public eye, you are just going to have to bite the bullet and invest back into you and your brand. Hair and Makeup is a key essential and the two things that you are going to have to spend money on. Plus a good fashion stylist too. People are constantly looking at your out at events and unfortunately people are visual and go by appearance first. If you want to be taken serious in any facet of your life, you have to look the part. If you have a good eye for style, you’re lucky because most people have no clue on what to wear or what outfits fit best for their body type. I see some horrible makeup and hairstyles too. So I thought to help my readers who are trying to build their brand and move forward into greatness!

A few tips when looking to build your glam squad…

Find someone who makes you feel comfortable, be it hair, makeup or wardrobe stylist.

Don’t ever feel afraid to speak up and tell someone who is giving “you” a service that you don’t like something. Hey, you’re spending your hard earned money!

Watch their behavior and go by your gut instinct. Will this person tell your personal business, are they just out to gain exposure from you?

Speed is everything in this business. Are you waiting hours on end to get a service? Do they work really slow?Are they double and triple booking clients? Do you have to wait days to get an appointment? You may want to go somewhere else.

Atlanta is SATURATED with hair & makeup artists and stylists! Don’t ever think that one person is the only one that can do a service for you! That goes for anywhere else too!

I work with a few makeup, hairstylists and fashion stylists. I like to mix it up and try new people. Certain people are good for certain things be it hair, makeup, styling.

Check out their references and visit their social media platforms to see their work and personality. That should decide if you want to work with them.

Are they following the latest trends with makeup, hair, clothing? Do you see them going to classes or shows to stay in the know?

How does their resume look? Who are there clients? Would you want to be associated?

Let them surprise you with suggestions for changing up your look and style. Be open to receive!

Work with people a bit younger than you because you may not want to take advice from someone your own age lol. The younger folks are usually more hip and on trend, be it hairstyles, makeup looks and clothing choices. My daughter keeps me fresh and gives me tips and tricks!

cynthia bailey

cynthia bailey

Cynthia’s Makeup Artist Jeremy Dell @paintedbyjeremy

cynthia bailey

Cynthia’s Hairstylist Nataki Minix @Startakihair


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3 thoughts on “Building Your Brand: Your Very Own Glam Squad

  1. Great article, for someone not in the entertainment industry however loves reading the entertainment blogs, do you all pay the hair/makeup/stylists not only for their services but their travel and lodging expenses as well? Also a question about the clothes, do the artists pay for them all up front because I know when they are being styled the designer shows them a number of different outfits, or are they borrowed until 1 outfit is worn and they pay for only that outfit. So many questions I know.. 🙂

  2. Hi Jillian, I know personally that most celebs clothing is borrowed to promote a brand. Makeup and hair is also paid for by the celebrity. I pay my hairstylists and makeup artists daily that I use but when my daughter Dootie styles my hair, ofcourse I dont pay her lol. She gets free room and board and treats all the time lol…wink!

    I work with several brands and they send me boxes of clothing to wear to red carpets etc and to promote their clothing. Each celeb is different though and depending on the agreement arranged. Most of my clothing does not have to be returned. As far as for makeup and hairstylist traveling, each situation is different but I know celebs that work with different artists in different cities, it’s much cheaper. Thanks for your comment. xoxo

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