Carol’s Daughter product review

I was asked by Carol’s Daughter to conduct a product review for their new Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner. I love their products and they have a fab store located in Lenox Mall in Atlanta. I’m not a hair stylist and dont want to be one but I can do my daughter’s hair fairly good.

Dootie all lathered up lol

My daughter Dootie asked me to try to do her hair because she had a field trip today with her choir. I said hmm ok, I have this new product that I need to try out anyway, so thanks for being my guinea pig lol. I first washed her hair with the Rosemary mint shampoo and my daughter said it felt tingly. She also liked the smell of it. It took me about three times to get it lathered up but after the 3rd time it had a nice lather to it.

Conditioner in tact

I then combed my daughters hair out and added the conditioner. My daughter does not have a relaxer so I was wondering how it was going to turn out yikes lol. With the help of the conditioner it became manageable and soft. I combed through the conditioner and rinsed.

Blow Drying

All pretty for school lol

After that I blow dried her hair and flat ironed it. I did the best I could do but I’m not a pro at hairdo’s. She was pleased and you could still smell the scent from the rosemary minty smell. I give Carol’s Daughter new Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner a thumbs up! If I did have to say one thing negative, that would be that it did leave a slight film on her hair. I thought that I followed the directions fairly well, but with the help of a spray shine, her hair came back to life lol.

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