Cool Product: Oliver Goldsmith Zak Spectacles


Oliver Goldsmith Spectacles

I was recently at a gifting suite in Los Angeles and ran into friend Tiffany who owns and runs Eye Candy Creations LLC. She had a vendors booth inside the gifting suite. She was showing celebrities and influencers the hottest sunglasses and spectacles and thats when I came across the Oliver Goldsmith Zak frames! I was sold and quickly put in an order to have these iconic spectacles. I loved the tortoise frame design and they fit my face perfect.

oliver goldsmith zak

I don’t have a prescription to wear eyeglasses but I do wear readers because of all my years of blogging and looking at a computer monitor everyday. It has taken a toll on my eyesight. Also when you turn 40, your eyes change anyway. I’m near sighted but can’t really read fine print anymore. So my frames finally arrived yesterday and I quickly ran out to get my 2.0 lenses installed in these sharp frames. I’m too excited to sport them around town!

I found out by asking a few questions to Tiffany, that Oliver Goldsmith has been around since 1926. The iconic frames that I have are called, Zak. They are true vintage frames and handmade in Japan. They’ve been worn by many celebrities in history like Princess of Monoco, Audrey Hepburn, Michael Cain and John Lennon. My Zak frames retail for $600 and you can find them here.

oliver goldsmith zak

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