Cynthia Bailey’s 1st Annual Curvy Model Search

Cynthia Bailey Curvy Model Search

Good day lovelies! On Saturday, October 24th at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Atlanta, hundreds of curvy hopefuls came out for a chance to be selected as the Curvy Girls Model Search winner that was put on by Model/Reality Star Cynthia Bailey for her modeling school, The Bailey Agency. I was honored to be selected to participate as a judge but boy was it hard to narrow it down to just one winner! 

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

It was my job to find a young lady who showed complete confidence and owned her look and style. The winner from the competition took home $2,500, and more. They also selected semi-finalists who would get a chance to come back to the Bailey Agency and take a modeling course  and one lucky semi-finalists also won a one-on-one and consultation with Cynthia Bailey! I will admit it was very hard to pick our top curvy models and as we deliberated after the ladies exited the stage, we went into a frenzy trying to see who would represent The Bailey Agency well. After thinking long and hard, we came up with a winner which was Mississippi’s own Vee Kamp! She was too cute for words, extremely photogenic and with that southern accent, she really stood out from the crowd.

For this particular model search, there was not a height or size requirement but you still had to keep in mind that you have to be atleast 5’8″ and above and still appear healthy & fit looking. The Bailey Agency also asked that the models just come in a basic white shirt and black bottoms. No fancy hair and just a clean fresh face. I judge a lot of beauty pageants and model searches, so I have a few pointers if you plan on entering a model search in the near future.

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

Tips For Going To Modeling Searches

Do your research and know exactly what they are looking for! READ over the fine print before you waste your time. If you know you are a size 5 and they are looking for plus size models, most likely you will be overlooked and basically you are wasting your time and theirs.

Make sure there is NO specific height requirement before trying out. Lots of ladies showed up and they were petite in size and in the modeling world, you have to be a certain height. Its just the way the industry is! If you have a very unique or exotic look about you, photograph extremely well, you just may squeak by but you have to offer something totally different. I can do print/online modeling work but I am only 5’5″ that is why I have never even tried modeling as a full time career.

Have amazing photos, that sells you! With cell phone cameras nowadays, you should be able to take some really great shots to submit, with the perfect lighting. You will need a headshot and full body shot. Agencies need to see how you photograph, how you look in clothing and more. Lots of ladies submitted poorly looking images that were blurry, distractions in the background and some not so flattering poses. You are not going to a club! Take nice wholesome looking pictures lol. Learn your body, angles etc. Google and mimic professional models in your photo poses. You can wear just a simple top and jeans, hair off the face, less is more for sure.

When you have to talk or introduce yourself to judges, brands or agents smile and show your winning personality! That is what the winner Vee did with us! She was beautiful but her personality made her even more likable and relatable. Please learn how to annunciate and speak correctly. No need in giving a full testimony either. Just keep your conversation short and sweet.

Please learn how to walk in heels. Buy a cheap pair of basic black pumps and practice, practice, practice. Some girls may have the height, look etc but can not walk in heels. Its a must in the fashion world and for the runway.

Please show that you exude confidence but not conceited. Some women can come off too cocky and just doing way too much! It comes off to us that you could possibly be difficult to work with and most likely you will be passed by.

I hope these tips help you and good luck in your endeavors! xoxo

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

Winner Vee Kemp @NaturelleBombshell on Instagram

Cynthia bailey curvy model searchCynthia bailey curvy model searchCynthia bailey curvy model searchCynthia bailey curvy model search

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

The Judges! Some represented PZI Jeans, Ashley Stewart and more.

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

Hanging out with the crew!

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

Curvy model winner Vee is a beauty for sure!

Cynthia bailey curvy model search

Quick selfie with Vee! Congrats pretty girl! xoxo


Images via Carlton Morton & Me


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  1. Yasss! That’s where I’m from baby! Although I rep Memphis too but I’m collard greens and cornbread fed as Fantasia would say. While some who have made it show shame I’m proud, honored and very humble. I belive if it wasn’t the teaching I received I wouldn’t be where I am. *praise break* LOL beautiful young woman! Shine Vee Shine

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