Day 3 with my workout


Yes I cant believe I am holding strong! I want to first say,I hate the stair master! Who invented this beast of a machine? Omg that is my weakness right there, climbing those steps is no joke at all! Thats the first thing Lisa and I do is cardio when we get in, then we do treadmill, then weights. I’m fine doing everything else but those steps kill me, my face is always twisted up and Im hanging on for dear life when I do it.



Todays workout was a lil quicker than the day before, and guess what, I’m off tomorrow! We do 3 days on 1 day off, so thats good. I’m so revved up that Im ready to go tomorrow too! Im getting use to it and its really not that bad once you psych yourself up. So we will be back in the gym on Monday. Today I ate half of a chicken wrap from Chick Fil A, then for lunch I had a protein shake from Smoothie King, then for dinner I ate baked fish and veggies. Plus the yucky water lol. Talk to you guys later.



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