Paintball Fun!


Jordan and Lisa

So I was at the gym when Lisa Wu Hartwell was telling me that she wanted to celebrate her oldest son’s Jordan birthday. She said they were going to go play paintball. I looked at her like wow, I always wanted to go do that but hadn’t got around to it. Her son was turning 15 and she asked me to bring my family to play paintball. My hubby and son was so excited to go because that was something manly for them to do.


Ed,Jordan,Lisa and my hubby Terrell

First off, it was freezing outside,but I didn’t complain plus I wanted to get in some more cardio lol. We packed the car up and headed to Paintball Atlanta. The place was packed when we got there, it was some serious players out there in the cold. I’m so prissy, I was thinking it was inside but nope, out in the cold, yikes! I had my purse and everything and Lisa quickly teased me, girl you and that darn purse! I had it at the gym too, she was laughing so hard, I did eventually put it away.



I met Lisa’s son Jordan and her middle son Justin. Lil EJ who’s 2 now,was there too in his car seat with the nanny staying warm. He is such a cutie pie, oh my goodness, he was the smartest one out of the bunch because he was posted up in the truck,warm and watching disney movies ha! I wanted to hang out with the baby personally lol. Jordan brought along about 11 of his closet friends, that were too cool.


Jordan and Lisa

Lisa and Ed were no rookies to this sport. They came well equipped with the whole gear on, looking rather serious. Its so funny to see another side of Lisa than what I’m use to seeing lol. She had her own personal gun, outfit,helmet,shoes. I was standing there like wow, Lisa does that outfit come in Pink? She said Im sure it does Tami lol.


Lisa in her gear, she is so serious!

My hubby and Ed bonded quickly,they were talking about guns,shooting things,atv’s and other rugged activity they hit it off quite well. My son was eager to get started as we made our way to the play area. We formed teams and lined up to get the game going. My heart was beating a thousand miles a minute because I didnt know what to expect lol.


Ed Hartwell and my hubby Terrell

As soon as I peaked my head up from behind this big barricade, I got shot square in the middle of my forehead! Thank goodness we had on safety mask but it scared me half to death lol. Guess who was the trigger man too, Ed Hartwell! Ed why did you have to do your girl like that? lol. I was out of the game before I even got started lol. My son was the second to go down.


Me and my son shot up wth, thanks Ed!

My hubby was having a ball and stayed in the game a long time and so did Lisa. She is very rugged and has a great aim,wow never knew she could play so well. They also had very high powered paint guns, not like the ones that Paintball Atlanta┬áhad,so you know they were serious about the sport lol. After the game we went to Taco Mac to eat and song happy birthday to Jordan. Lisa boys are so well mannered and I gave Jordan an envelope and he told me I didn’t have to, he was so sweet. He likes music and sports, Lisa said thats why she had the cake designed like that. She said the lady who makes her cakes name is Angela,the cake was so good, strawberry shortcake and the other half white mouse,yummy.


Jordan poses with cake!


I want to thank Lisa & Ed for inviting us out for a day of fun, we had a blast! Happy 15th birthday Jordan!

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