Disney Aladdin Movie Night Goodies


Are you guys excited that Disney Aladdin is out on dvd now? They were so kind to send me out the original movie and the newest one, I was so elated! I went to the theater to see the movie but now I can enjoy watching Aladdin with my grandson for a movie night with him. Legend has no idea what the heck he is watching because he is only 6 months old but the cinematography in the film is amazing! He will enjoy all the colors and Will Smith as the blue genie for sure! Check out inside all the movie night goodies sent me and some of this can be purchased online or in store as well, Happy Thursday everyone!

Disney Aladdin Glasses

Disney Aladdin DVD

Disney Aladdin Genie Lamp teapot

Disney Aladdin Pez

Disney Aladdin Magic Carpet


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