Wardrobe Breakdown: KeKe Palmer On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Actress and Daytime Talk Show Host KeKe Palmer made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to promote her new movie, Hustler. I had a chance to attend an advance screening last night and I must say it was really good! KeKe did an amazing job and it comes out in theaters tomorrow! She looked like a vision in pink in her ruffled pink feather dress with matching headband and I have the details on what she wore inside, she is so funny and I love her spirit, alway upbeat and cute. More pics inside and don’t forget to remember the fallen heroes from 911.

KeKe was wearing a Prada headband, Ingie Paris duchesse ruffle feather dress from the Spring 2019 Collection, Chloe Gosselin sandals, cute.

(Pics by ABC/Randy Holmes)

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