Disney’s Tangled Private Screening n Review

This evening was a fun filled night! I was invited out to see a private screening of the new film by Disney called, Tangled. I love all the princess films and this one was great as well! The private movie screening was held at AMC in Buckhead that was hosted by Lisa Wu Hartwell. What a wonderful host they chose since she has that beautiful silky long hair. When we all showed up, the line was already forming.

They had the OMG photo booth already set up for parents and their kids to take fun pics then head into the theatre for catered munchies which included chicken strips, fries, and pizza and beverages. The movie theatre is very chic and my first time visiting there. The theatre is equipped with waitresses, tables and cool individual red seats.

Lisa asked some trivia questions with the audience and gave away hair products by Design Essentials. I saw Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Bailey and her daughter Noel, Football wife Chante Foster’s daughters, and radio personality Frank Ski’s wife Tanya and her twin boys. Many other people came out too. Then everyone simmered down while the movie started.

This animated 3d digital film is about Rapunzel and her very long golden magical locks directed by Byron Howard and Nath Geno. Rapunzel dreams of one day leaving her room to see the lanterns in the sky. Her mom doesn’t allow her to leave for over 18 years because she’s afraid someone will cut her magical hair.

She befriends a handsome thief by the name of Flynn Rider who is a wanted man.  The two go on some very scary wild adventures together and grow a very special bond. I loved the songs, Mother knows best and I got a dream. Some of my fav characters in the movie were, Maximus, Pascal the chameleon, and ofcourse Rapunzel. This movie is in 3d and full of great graphics, a great love story and you got it….drama! One of the most memorable scenes to me was when Rapunzel meets her real family for the first time. It’s very touching.I loved the artistry in the movie and story line. It was very funny and my son said to me, “Mom I don’t like girly movies but I would buy this and watch it over and over again, it was really good!” The kids that were in the theatre all agreed it was very entertaining. Even Derek Blank’s son Beau who’s 2 sat still the whole time enjoying the 3d effects in the movie.

As we left the movie we got another chance to snap pics with blonde wigs on and receive goody bags that had Disney’s Tangled silly bands, Cami Cupcakes and a poster from the movie inside. I would like to thank Saptosa Foster from (135th Street Agency) for a great evening with my family. The movie hits theaters nationwide Thanksgiving day!


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