Feel Good Friday: Everyday Simple Indulgences Part 2

Happy Friday EVERYONE, I hope you have an amazing weekend! I am back with a few more self indulgences that you can do to relax and spend some quality time with yourself! I am all about self care and finding things to do that brings peace! I will be traveling a lot this Spring/Summer and one thing that I will be doing is heading to a Lake House soon and I know I will find that very rewarding.

I will be also be going to Pensacola, Florida to a stay at a hotel right on the beach. Then I’m off to some cabins in the mountains. If you notice, I’m always around water, I just find it very calming and it helps me clear my mind. I actually live minutes from Lake Lanier, I drive up there all the time. Make sure to check back for all the pretty pics from my adventures and inside I have a list of things you can do just to indulge. Have a great weekend and be safe everyone!

  • Wear that pretty lingerie set you never thought you would put on!
  • Spend an afternoon at an art gallery
  • Send someone special a gift card to say you were thinking about them
  • Go to your local library and browse all afternoon
  • Sign up and take swimming lessons
  • Light candles throughout the house and listen to jazz
  • Go get your favorite ice cream
  • Google how to make a yummy daiquiri and treat yourself
  • DIY project, give yourself a hot-oil treatment
  • Buy yourself a pretty sparkly tiara and really wear it
  • Splurge on a lovely coffee table book
  • Sign up for a craft class like pottery or painting class
  • Learn to play tennis
  • Send yourself flowers for NO reason
  • Or send your grandma, mom, sister, auntie or bestie flowers to say, I Love You!

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