Feel Good Friday: Girlfriend’s Luncheon

The other day I headed to Cartersville, Georgia to visit my girlfriend Jennifer. You guys have seen her on the blog a few times and we have been friends for over 10 years. She is a fellow blogger over at Oh Fiddle Dee Dee. Both Jen and I have try every few months to get together for a Girlfriend’s Luncheon. We like to catch up on life over a great meal. We have kept this tradition going for a while now and Jennifer loves to entertain and cook at her home. She makes the best food and we just sit and laugh and talk about current events and more.

This time around, we included my grandson Legend who had a ball playing with her dog “Buttercup” and cat, “Chaos” lol. While he was busy running around after her pets we got a chance to have some girl time then exchange Christmas presents. We haven’t seen each other in a minute, so this was fun. Check out a few pictures from our lunch and I highly suggest you try doing the same with your friends. It’s a great idea and so much fun to get your friends together. Everyone seems to be so busy or stressed out these days. So something like this would be really appreciated. This makes for such a great Feel Good Friday, enjoy your weekend and be safe! 

This pork loin was so tasty!

We exchanged Christmas presents

Boogy Bear wearing knit two-piece set from Feltman Brothers

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