Feel Good Friday: Inexpensive Toddler Activity

I was looking on TikTok (@lilybcoco) at an influencers page the other day when I came across a fun activity that I could make and interact with my grandson Legend. He is definitely a busy body and he’s always flying around the house being a crazy toddler. For my sanity and to keep him busy, I thought to do this pom pom interactive activity with him and he absolutely LOVED it!

It’s also inexpensive and I had already had most of the items in my junk drawer and that made it even better and easy for me! It took minutes to assemble and put together! I don’t think its an actual name for it but all you need is a couple of supplies and a wall big enough to add tape to it and that’s pretty much it!

This activity helps with their motor skills, dexterity, focus, problem solving, precision and decision making.

Legend played with this for about an hour and then tore it down lol. So fun to do with toddlers and he felt like he was learning at the same time. He placed the pom poms on the tape and counted all of them. The clean up was really easy and it didn’t leave any marks on the wall. See more inside…

Supplies you will need:

Painters tape

Pom Poms

Paper towel roll

Toy dump truck (optional)

Just find a wall and have someone hold one end while you stick the tape to the wall from end to end.

Have your toddler place the colorful pom poms on the tape and make designs, shapes whatever they want to do.

I added a paper towel roll to another wall and a toy dump truck at the bottom. This added more fun where the pom poms could drop in the truck.

That’s pretty much it! Have fun guys! ¬†xoxo


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