Feel Good Friday: My Review Of ‘Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey’ A Must-See

It’s the season for Christmas feel good movies and I have one for you that I just watched! If you like Christmas musical films, you have to watch, Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey. It’s a MUST-See with your entire family! It’s an all black cast and full of adventure and excitement. Written and directed by the talented David E. Talbert. It stars Forest Whitaker as Jeronicus Jangle, and Madalen Mills as Journey Jangle. It’s a star-studded cast with also Keegan-Michael Key, Hugh Bonneville, Anika Noni Rose, Phylicia Rashad and Ricky Martin.

Jeronicus is a toymaker and his precious granddaughter construct a magical invention (Buddy 2000) which, if they can get it to work in time for the holidays, could change their lives forever! Ofcourse hiccups come along the way and you have to have that villain that throws a monkey wrench into everything but it’s such a good movie and teaches you how to just BELIEVE and have FAITH.

I loved the storyline, the characters, the costumes the visual effects! It’s very vibrant to watch and It held my full attention for 122 minutes lol. I absolutely loved the original songs that were catchy, written by Philip Lawrence Davy Nathan, Micheal Diskint and John Legend. One of my favorite scenes was with Ms.Johnston & Jeronicus and she sings, When You Smile!

Plus my favorite quote was: “never be afraid if people can’t see what you see, only be afraid if you don’t want to see it. If you believe, it’s all possible”. More inside but be sure to check it out on November 13th, on Netflix! 

I loved the connection that Jeronicus and his daughter Journey had together!

Breakout Star: Madalen Mills as Journey! She was my favorite character in the whole entire movie! Not only is she a cutie pie but she knows her craft, is very talented, and she can sing! She captivated my attention with her infectious personality and she was a delight to watch on my tv screen! I think your kids will love her too!

Best Villain Ever: Looking for a favorite villain to hate? Then you have to see Keenan-Michael Key transform into Gustafson. He did a wonderful job and I loved his quick whit, timing and funny scenes.

Singer Ricky Martin as Don Juan Diego as his side kick matador, so shady and such an instigator lol.

Wardrobe Design: The costumes were simply amazing! Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson did a phenomenal job with this period piece and the different looks reminded me of the movie, Color Purple somewhat.

Sidenote: I loved the different natural hairstyles too, very authentic looking.

Summary: Jingle Jangle left me feeling like I can achieve anything I set my mind out to do. It made me want to be even closer to my family and to make sure that my grandson Legend dreams are achieved and to push my own children to fulfill their goals. I give this film a A+.

Synopsis: A musical adventure and a visual spectacle for the ages, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a wholly fresh and spirited family holiday event. Set in the gloriously vibrant town of Cobbleton, the film follows legendary toymaker Jeronicus Jangle (Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker) whose fanciful inventions burst with whimsy and wonder. But when his trusted apprentice (Emmy winner Keegan-Michael Key) steals his most prized creation, it’s up to his equally bright and inventive granddaughter (newcomer Madalen Mills) — and a long-forgotten invention — to heal old wounds and reawaken the magic within.

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