Feel Good Friday: October Bucket List


Happy Friday Everyone! I’m praying and hoping that you have a fantastic weekend and a safe one! It has been so many uncertainties going on in this world that I thought to make a monthly bucket list for myself. This has helped me tremendously, especially during these trying times! Do you feel tired, exhausted, frustrated, confused etc? I know me too, my anxiety is at an all-time high but I have found easy ways to escape, relax and take care of myself.

I have been spending lots of time with my close friends and family. This reduces my stresses and it takes the edge off. I try to indulge in simple pleasures and just take time to relax. Inside, I’ve listed some things on my bucket list that you can try as well. I highly suggest you make one too. I pray this works for you and try them out, you can’t go wrong. I’m sure it will help you as well on your journey. This makes for a great Feel Good Friday!

  • Choose joy and live moments in the present!
  • Live life one day at a time, thats all you can do!
  • Pray when you feel anxious
  • Get off social media and unplug if you feel like you’re comparing
  • Stop yourself from mindless scrolling
  • Read a good book, anything of your interest
  • Donate unwanted clothing
  • Unfollow accounts that don’t encourage or motivate you
  • Try picking up and reading your bible
  • Find beauty in everything

Bonus: Buy that fancy pair of shoes you always wanted!


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