Feel Good Friday: Reuniting With My Mom After 6 Years!

Yes you read the title correctly! It has been about six years since the last time I have physically seen my mommy! It’s been a long time coming and she was too excited when she got here and finally got to see her great grandson Legend! Yes, I talk to my mom every few days and always have, it’s just that I don’t like to visit my hometown that much, I will admit it. I don’t really have a lot of good memories about that place and it triggers me and I won’t get into that now because this is supposed to be a feel good post but yes lol! We have always facetimed each other and she talks to Legend and my kids but yes its been awhile.

When we reunited, the first thing Carol did when she got out the car was run right over to Boogy Bear and just hugged and kissed him. He was extremely friendly to her and I think that’s because he knew her voice right away. Finally a face with the voice lol. He said, “hi granny 2” and it was the cutest thing ever. She just cried and they walked around holding hands. She gave him some new dinosaurs that he loved and played with them over breakfast.

Family is everything and I am slowly getting to understand that. Some of you may have known that I have always had a strained relationship with my family. It’s been tough over the years and with me seeing a counselor for a few years now, it has helped me tremendously. I am learning to open up a lil bit more. I’ve also learned to let go of the past, forgive others and to move forward. So that is part of my process now and I’m healing. Before Covid hit last year, I was planning to go home then but my mom and her husband both got it and I just gave them time to get better, so I canceled my trip. I am so thankful that she fully recovered and is doing great! So we spent a lot of time together here in Atlanta and my kids got to see her and spend some much needed quality time together. She enjoyed us and the city! More pics inside and this makes for a tearful Feel Good Friday!

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