FENDI Opens New Boutique At Phipps Plaza Mall In Atlanta

FENDI announces the opening of a boutique at Phipps Plaza Mall in Atlanta, with a 3,853 square foot space encompassing Women’s and Men’s Ready-to-Wear Collections, accessories, leather goods, and shoes. Luxury and craftsmanship meet unexpected and surprising twists rooted in Italian heritage.

Honoring precious materials and the Roman roots of the Maison, the facade is a contemporary reinterpretation of iconic elements such as arches and marble alternated with bright and transparent glass windows that reveals the luxury of the boutique. The scattering and multi- layering of arches produces a vibrant visual dimension.

The boutique is conceived as a cross gender space where rooms are in continuity presenting the refined elegance of Womenswear and the sophistication of Menswear within the same space but featured in different materials and colors. Powder rose and ivory tones enriches the Women world, while green and camel tones emphasize the masculine atmoshpere of Man, creating vibrant stories along the boutique.

Upon entering, guests are welcomed by an open space alternated by a focus wall made of handmade textured glass panels reminding of water flowing; each piece of glass is a unique example of craftmanship. Leathergoods and accessories are displayed throught champagne metal shelves in niches in stainless steel and champagne metal, giving a contemporary and luxurious feeling to the environment; while ready to wear is shown on a sequence of champagne metal tubular structures. Back panels in plaster present FENDI’s iconic pequin vertical striped motif.

As the main attraction of the newly debuted boutique, an exquisite private client room is presented. The space includes a very special Pakistano Green Onyx marble floor that continues to the backing of a niche where precious exotic leather goods are display. Continuing the rose pink palette, Fendi Casa a textured sitting area and a plush carpet with Karl Lagerfeld signature reinterpretation add comfort to the space.

Launching in September, the FENDI boutique seconds the Atlanta Lenox location, bringing a new touch of Italian luxury to Atlanta.

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