R&B Singers Tracie Spencer And Shanice On ‘Sherri’

On Friday’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomed 90s pop divas Shanice and Tracie Spencer to the show as they reconnected after 20 years. See more inside and video clip….



Sherri:  I love seeing you two together after twenty years. This is so amazing. Shanice, you have to tell me …why did you want to reconnect?

Shanice: … She’s like my little sister and I tweeted about it when my kids were little … and then I posted about it on Twitter … Where’s Tracie? … a mutual friend said I found Tracie and she connected us on social media …

SherrI: What kind of hot sauce are you all using because you two have not aged? … Tracie, you’ve been away from the spotlight for years. Is there a reason why you left the industry?

Tracie: I started not having any fun anymore. It got too business-y … too weird and my parents always told me … whenever you’re not having fun, it’s time to stop.  And I had other interests. I got a degree in psychology and now I’m in medical school.

Sherri: Wow. So we may be seeing Dr. Spencer …Why did you come out of hiding?

Tracie: I missed Shanice. I was going through a lot. I lost my dad to leukemia … my mom  in 2021 to lung cancer and that kind of put me in an interesting space. I wanted to reconnect with people that meant a lot to me. Because as we get older, our circles get smaller. One thing is for sure that the people you’re genuinely connected to and drawn to, you’re drawn back to and I need to be in her [Shanice’s] life again.

Sherri: It’s funny cause you really needed to be with Shanice and Shanice needed to be with you but we needed this because you two broke the internet when you reconnected on Instagram. So it affected us as well. Sisterhood – what does that mean to both of you?

Shanice:  Sisterhood means everything to me. The thing that I love about our friendships is that there’s no jealousy. We support each other … When Tender Kisses came out, I was rooting for her.I wish that more women would support each other. Instead of being a competition and against each other. It was never a competition with us. When Tender Kisses came out, I was rooting for her.

Sherri: Tender Kisses – was such a big hit. It went viral 30 years after you performed it on Family Matters. Kids are embracing this.

Tracie: It’s wild. No one is missing me. No one is looking for me or checking for me. But when we shot the video at this restaurant, my Instagram … had thousands of fans overnight … They’re listening and loving like it just came out last week. It makes me feel really good.


Sherri: Shanice, 23 years with Flex Alexander. … He washed your feet at your wedding. They don’t make them like that anymore. … Does it get greater later?

Shanice: I think our marriage is better now.  We have had our ups and downs. Marriage is hard …  We’re a lot closer now. And we have two beautiful kids.


Sherri: I saw a post of this jam session that you both had with El DeBarge … Might we be seeing some music? Something new coming out?

Tracie: Maybe …

Shanice: We don’t want to talk too much about it.

Tracie: But we have some surprises.

Sherri: This is the second chapter … I see the joy .. . Friendship never dies.

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