Five Fun Facts I Learned About Directors Espen Sandberg And Joachim Ronning

It’s not everyday that you get to hang out with huge Hollywood Directors but I got the opportunity to do just that with Espen Sandberg and Joachim Ronning, who put out that amazing blockbuster film, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales! I really enjoyed the movie and was on the edge of my seat in the theater. They both sat down with us to share funny stories on set, working with A-list actors in the film and so much more! Check out five fun facts that I learned about them inside…

Espen and Joachim

Five Fun Facts: 

  • Espen and Joachem started making movies together at 10 years old back in their country Norway.
  • Did you know both of them used to be break dancers when they were young, too funny! Thats how they met.
  • It was really cool for them to work with Johnny Depp, they would be in his trailer going over ideas. His timing is impeccable and it all came together on set. Depp would go over his parts but do something completely different once the camera was rolling but thats what makes movies come alive.
  • Johnny Depp was a little freaked out about the Youthification process but then he found it quite amazing.
  • It was just an idea on paper at first to add ghost sharks. It was written by Jeff Nathanson. The scene where the shark jumps over the boat was just an idea but it worked.

Epsen with Johnny Depp

Joachim directing cast on set of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales


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Images courtesy of Disney/Louise Bishop

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