Five Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriends On A Budget


It is so nice when you can find time in your schedule to see dear friends. My girlfriend Ramona and I have been tide at the hip for years now and she was recently hospitalized not too long ago. I was very upset that I couldn’t go see her but I made sure to keep up with her via text and phone calls.

Once she was released out of the hospital weeks later, I made it my business to vow to make sure I see my friends more. Life gets in the way and we become so absorbed with so many things that we don’t take the time or ignore our relationships. Yes, life challenges can be very frustrating and hard.

When I found out that Ramona was feeling better, we quickly made plans to head to a fancy restaurant and catch up! We laughed, cried and shared memories together. We usually bring each other gifts to show our love for each another too. Nothing big just a fun keepsake, it’s so much fun.

I have a list of things you can do with your girlfriends thats not costly and where you can have fun. If you see something you would like to do, just plan it and do it! Life is so short and I want to be happy and enjoy my friends, take a peek inside…

Five Fun Things To Do With Girlfriends On A Budget

  • Fancy girls day out at a restaurant. It can be a high-end place or a local diner, its about conversation and time with your friends.
  • Host a day spa. Everyone likes to be pampered right? Grab some bottles of nail polish, spa items and finger foods. Make mini goody bags and just enjoy each others company!
  • Binge watch a movie series on Netflix. Right now everyone is still kinda staying home, so why not gather a few girlfriends over and watch your favorite movies together.
  • Why not volunteer at a local shelter or help animals, the sky is the limit! You will leave rewarded and in a good mood.
  • Find a trail at your local park. Where I live, we have tons of parks and I find trails very relaxing and your keeping healthy and in shape. Afterwards have a picnic.

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  1. How about covering some stories where people like me have been wronged by restaurants with arbitrary charges and attempt to intimidate thereafter ! It would help immensely to warn others from suffering the same fate !

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