Five Questions With Director Peyton Reed From Ant-Man And The Wasp

How cool is it to sit down and talk to a Director of a major action film right! I get bragging rights today because last year we got to talk to Peyton Reed who directed Ant-Man and the Wasp! He was so cool and so creative! Its not everyday that you get to pick someones brain who is so talented right? Come inside to hear what he had to say about this upcoming film that I know will be a big hit, in theaters July 6th! 


On Directing Ant-Man and the Wasp


We went into this with the idea that we wanted it to be both bigger and get out in the world more, but also be even more intimate and delve into family stuff even more.  To me that’s one of the big strengths of Ant Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I always liked that Scott Lang is just a normal guy who’s made bad decisions in his life, and he keeps trying to make the right decision. 

New Villain Ghost?


In the comics, Ghost started out as an Iron Man villain and was a man. I very much wanted a female antagonist and it gave us a chance to sort of play with that thematic of parents and their kids. I stop shy of calling her a villain, though she is the villain. An antagonist who you really see the root of what happened to this woman which was a girl, and how it’s transformed the rest of her life and her own dilemma.

She has a very strong point of view and I think the audience is really going to relate to her as well. It’s a very complicated set of dynamics that I’m not at liberty to discuss in detail. But it was important to do something that wasn’t just a sort of arch villain.

Hot Wheels?


When the Hot Wheel makes it’s first appearance in the film, it will be a big cheer moment.

Scenery in movie:


A lot of the first movie took place in the Pym Tech Laboratory and in Hank Pym’s house and I really wanted to get out and feel San Francisco more in this movie and put these two characters in the real world.

Evangeline Lilly’s character “Hope Van Dyne”:


Hope van Dyne was very much a character in the first movie, but she hadn’t become a hero in a suit yet. That obviously was the most exciting thing in the beginning of this. It’s like, okay, we get to finally see Wasp in action and also see them as a partnership.

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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP arrives in theatres everywhere on July 6th!


Pics by Ben Rothstein/Disney

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