Five Tips For Picking The Right Lingerie

I am all for a good piece of lingerie. Around my house, I love to wear silk robes, pretty bras and gowns. I don’t have to go anywhere in particular but it just puts me in a great mood. Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful right? It just seems like when you’re in pretty lingerie, it makes your day go smoother lol! I learned about lingerie as a young girl because I would sit on the bathroom sink and watch my mom get dressed in the morning. I would hand her, her makeup and watch her get ready in pretty robes etc.

My mom was those most glamorous woman I ever known back then lol. As I grew up, she would always buy me pretty panty and bra sets and tell me to always keep nice undies in my drawer. Till this day, my mom still sends me pretty bra sets, it’s just her thing lol! Now I have passed that tradition down to my own daughter Tyra. We both FaceTime each other letting each other know when we have seen pretty lingerie out and about, too funny! So with that story, that made me think to share with you, five tips on picking out the right lingerie, I hope you enjoy….

  • Knowing Your Body, when buying lingerie, start off with just a few pieces. Try things on and that way you can see what looks best on you. Then build up your confidence to become a bit more risky with other styles. You have to exude confidence when wearing lingerie and you never want to be overwhelmed and feel silly. EVERYONE can wear lingerie, no matter what size!
  • Personal Style, what fits your personality? Some people like bra and panty sets, gowns, robes, thongs, teddies etc. Decide on what you feel the most sexiest in and go with that.
  • Comfort and Fit, what might look good on the mannequin or the model might not look so good on you. It’s a lot of trial and error when picking out lingerie. See what fits your body type best. Buy items that fit your curves and not too small.
  • Favorite Brands, this is key because some brands just fit better than others. I personally have lots of luck with Cacique bras. I’m busty and I know I can’t go wrong with their bras because they will fit me perfectly ever single time. Shop around and try on different styles/designs.
  • Occasion, where are you going? Are you traveling or lounging around the house. Heading over to your significant other place? This determines what lingerie you should wear, think wisely when picking out a piece.

My balconette bra is by Cacique similar style here

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