Halle Bailey Attends Star-Studded Celsius Cosmic Desert Coachella Event

Celebrities attended The CELSIUS Cosmos Desert Coachella Event over the weekend. Lots of “it girls” flocked to the Coachella Valley to take part in the musical festival.Singer Halle Bailey was in the house looking to cute!  It’s rumored that her and her baby daddy Rapper DDG has broken up, that’s sad news and he was just flossing on the gram with all these extravagant gifts for her, geesh!

They say that a baby won’t keep a guy though, but who knows what’s going on but I wish her the best! She seems super sweet and now she is going solo with her singing career, hopefully that works out for her.  I’m sure she will be just fine and she has a wonderful sister Chole by her side! Have you guys noticed that more and more couples are breaking up left and right?

It’s something in the air I swear lol! Anyway, I loved her ensemble that she wore, casual, sexy and cute and fitting for the festival! I have NO desire to just be out standing around in the blazing sun/desert I don’t care who was there or what was going on lol. You can tell I’m old cause chile the way my private summers be acting a fool, I would be overheated and ready to go! I’ve been asked a few times to go to Coachella and I always decline, I don’t like music all like that to be standing in long lines to go to the bathroom or to get food or water! Plus standing in a dirt field parading around snapping photos to show I’m cool…no thanks! More photos inside….

Halle was wearing a Nikita Karizma Y2K chainnauk top, cute!


Photos courtesy of CLD PR


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