House Of Grand Marnier Launches Their New Addition Cuvée Louis-Alexandre In Atlanta

I had such an amazing experience last night as I made my way to the Hotel Clermont for an exciting event! The team from Grand Marnier came to Atlanta to celebrate the launch of their newest addition, Cuvée Louis-Alexandre! There was a ton of immersive experiences and exclusive tastings that took place throughout the evening as we cheered on the new Cuvée Louis-Alexandre.

If you are not familiar with the brand, Cuvée Louis-Alexandre was inspired as an ode to the creator of the House of Grand Marnier, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. The expression features a unique blend of refined V.S.O.P. cognac and Liqueur D ’Orange and the cognacs used in this premium Cuvée come from the finest growing areas in the Cognac region. I got a chance to try it and although I am not really a drinker, it was very tasty and smooth. I took a few snaps from the elegant affair, check them out inside and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, till next time!

Rooftop of Hotel Clermont

Casa Posta Perfume Bar


In 1880, a legendary disruptor made his indelible mark on the world of spirits. That man was Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle – a Paris-based visionary who fully embraced the notion of living grand. Today the House of Grand Marnier®, best known for its award-winning, French luxury liqueur, honors his memory, his boldness, and his joie de vivre with the launch of the eponymous Cuvée Louis Alexandre. This new VSOP expression joins the Cuvée Collection, a lauded selection of the world’s finest cognac-based liqueurs.

Cuvée Louis Alexandre is an ode to its creator, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, whose audacious and grand idea to blend a fine cognac with a rare, bitter orange liqueur disrupted the status quo more than a century ago. This avant-garde expression reflects a period of cultural exuberance – Paris was at the heart of La Belle Époque, exemplified by the construction of the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Métro, and the Palais Garnier.

In this esteemed company was a new creation that quickly became en vogue in French society. During this rich and creative time, it was Louis-Alexandre who made Grand Marnier a high-class product and a must-have at all Parisian soirées. His success in building Grand Marnier awarded him the “Legion d’Honneur” bestowed by the President of the Republic of France.

The appeal and excellence of this exquisite creation was recognized by Louis-Alexandre’s dear friend César Ritz, who suggested he give Grand Marnier its current name, stating it was “a Grand name for a Grand product.” Ever since that defining moment, the vision to “Live Grand” was a driving force that guided Louis-Alexandre’s life and continues to guide Grand Marnier’s ethos today. To “Live Grand” centers on the journey of taking a good experience and transforming it into a Grand one.

Created by Master Blender Patrick Raguenaud – President of the Professional National Cognac Bureau – Cuvée Louis Alexandre is the newest way to raise a glass to living Grand. It is a beautiful, complex blend featuring notes of orange with nuances of citrus fruit flavors, softened by notes of oak and a touch of vanilla. Patrick recommends serving neat or over a large ice cube.

“Cuvée Louis Alexandre is an exquisite liqueur and a fitting tribute to Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. I was inspired by his fearless drive to push boundaries and create something truly unique,” said Raguenaud. “This expression is yet another intrepid creation from the House of Grand Marnier, ensuring we continue to twist tradition.”

A unique blend of refined V.S.O.P. cognac and Liqueur D ’Orange, the cognacs used in this premium Cuvée come from the finest growing areas in the Cognac region and are carefully aged in Tronçais and Limousin oak casks in Bourg-Charente. Cuvée Louis Alexandre is the result of attentively selected eaux-de-vie, adding a lively and intense profile, and then enhanced with the subtle essence of highly aromatic bitter oranges. Cuvée Louis Alexandre is 40% ABV (82% cognac, 18% orange liqueur). With an MSRP of $69.99, the expression will be available in select quantities nationally with the majority available in New York, Washington D.C., Florida, and Georgia.

The Grand Marnier family extends to a sophisticated range of Cuvées, including Grand Marnier Centenaire and Grande Cuvées including Grand Marnier 1880 and Grand Marnier Quintessence.

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