How To Make A ‘Best Nine’ On Instagram To Sum Up 2015


Hey guys, have you seen all over your instagram timeline and feed people posting their “best nine”?  It’s a handy little app that sources all the information from your Instagram posts, figures out which ones got the most likes, and then puts the top nine from 2015 in an uber cute little square-shaped grid. I was trying to figure how people were doing it but I found the link inside…


instagram best of 2015

Sample above

Your instagram page has to be open, not private. So here yah go kiddos have fun with it and I know I will see some of these running all through my instagram feed today! Click here to get one Most people that are on instagram are mainly teens and young adults, just look at the top ten instagrammers, that says a lot lol.

The Top Ten Instagrammers were:

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez

Kim Kardashian West


Ariana Grande

Justin Beiber

King Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner
Nicki Minaj

Khloe Kardashian






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