In Case You Missed It: Amber Rose Stops By ‘The Real’

amber rose on the real

I apologize for the slow posts but I broke my iPhone, so I had to run up to Sprint today to get another one and it literally took me all day and was not as easy as I thought geesh! I’m all good now and got the new iPhone 6 which I’m loving to pieces right now but anywhoo, I didn’t really get to posts as much as I wanted to. One of my favorite fashionista Amber Rose appeared on The Real daytime talk show today and as she made her way out to the show, I was headed out the door, I missed her interview and the fun game they played. She talked about “Clapping Back” on folks on social media, her new upcoming movie Sister Code, and her new book, How To Be A Bad B*tch! Check out the video inside and what else she had to say. xoxo

amber rose on the real

amber rose on the real

Tamar Braxton: Alright, now Ms. Rose, we all have loved you for so long.

Amber Rose: Aww.

Tamar Braxton: But lately, honey, you have caught my attention and everyone’s attention as the reigning queen of the claps back. Okay! Enjoy it!

Amber Rose: You know what, I’m not even that girl, though. In Philly, if you don’t clap back, you gotta fight. And I really never wanted to fight, so I just … [snaps her fingers] … I was quick with it. You know what I mean?

Loni Love: Now Amber, you have a new book coming out later this year. It’s a how-to manual for standing up for yourself. What can we learn from the book?

Amber Rose: Well, my book is called How to Be a Bad Bitch.

Amber Rose: Thank you. And I’m taking the word back and making it positive. It’s really just being well-rounded … your finances, if you’re a mom, you’re an amazing mom, you take care of your household. It’s like whatever a man can do, we can do it also!

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