In Case You Missed It: Charlemagne Tha God On The Tamron Hall Show

On the Friday, September 27th edition of “Tamron Hall,” co-host of the popular nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, Charlemagne Tha God, discussed his personal ties to the stigma, shame, and denial men face when dealing with mental health issues.

Charlemagne gave advice to audience members based on his personal struggle with mental health issues:

“I’m not afraid to ask for help at this point in my life because life gets hard. The biggest thing for me, when I started going to therapy, because I felt like I was putting too much on my wife’s shoulders. You know what I’m saying? Because I think sometimes, as men, we get selfish, we don’t realize we’re being selfish.”

On being a parent and his relationship with his father:

“I don’t think I knew how to be a parent, to be totally honest. I came from an environment where – I think all my people were dealing with their own issues, so they were only doing the best that they could. I had a lot of issues with my father, ‘cause I loved him, he gave me a lot of discipline, but it was just things that I didn’t like.” 

On his father’s struggle with mental health issues and the lessons he’s learned:

“When I realized that my father was dealing with his own mental health issues – and I always knew that he dealt with substance abuse issues – it made me realize that he was only just doing the best that he could. For me, I didn’t have to do the best that I could, I could do better. 

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television/Heidi Gutman

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