In Case You Missed It: Dave Chappelle On SNL

The timing couldn’t have been in perfect than having comedian Dave Chappelle host SNL(Saturday Night Live) at the same time that it was announced that the new president would be Joe Biden! Dave had a medley of jokes for the tv show were he gave a funny monologue for about 15 minutes of his thoughts about the election, Covid 19, the candidates and more! The last time he hosted SNL, it was four years ago when Donald Trump was appointed the President, wow how time flies!

Dave was quoted as saying…

“Where was his secret serum?” he asked of Cain’s treatment.
“That’s your leader. Think about that, for four years, that’s your leader. What kind of man does that? What kind of man makes sure he’s OK, while his friends are fighting for their lives and die?
“A White man. And I don’t mean to put this on the Whites, but I’ve been Black for a long time, I notice the pattern.”
I have the full video inside, just in case you missed, it! Be safe out there and hug your family today!

(Photos by: Will Heath/NBC)

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